Friday, June 29, 2007

Writing issues

Well, I've had week with the children out of the house. I should have had plenty of time to write everything that's going through my head. I did finalize a magazine submission. It's with my trusted friend and writing coach now for final review. Who knows? Maybe I'll accomplish that particular goal by the weekend.
I was planning to begin work on a YA novel today, but construction (destruction stage) has begun on our laundry room. The noise is not conducive to the writing process!

On a different note, I found a great series of books...fantasy YA by Rick Riordan. Interesting premise about the Greek gods actually existing and their modern "half-blood" children becoming heroes like Hercules. I enjoy reading some of these YA novels, although a great adult mystery works too.

Now off to begin the writing process as best I can...until later then!