Sunday, November 29, 2009

NaNo winner!!!

I did it, I did it! I can not believe I have written that many words in two days. Fortunately, the children behaved, the computer did not crash, and I finished it!

First Person vs, Third Person

Last night I suddenly found myself writing Chapter 19 in first person...and I began wishing I had written it all that way. I do not know why I chose third person. All of my J.T. stories are first person (although Troll Quest and my two adult novels are third person omniscient) and it seems to come more naturally which is rather weird. Until J.T., I had never written with all those "I's" and "me's" and "my's".

With the deadline for NaNoWriMo being tomorrow, I am not going to change the narrative until after it is over. Then I will read and make the call.


Well, I am at 86% after tonight's (this morning's?) marathon session. I managed about 3 thousand words on Thanksgiving Day, but that was all. It was hard because we were out of town and we were visiting with relatives. (Wonderful visit, fabulous relatives by the way.) There just wasn't a lot of time like I have at home.
So, we got home, we had some trees taken down (and one landed on the fence which was bad but since we worried about the dead tree falling on the house or our neighbor's house, it wasn't as bad as it could have been.). We went to church to celebrate the beginning of Advent, and then it was home. I have been writing since around 8:30 pm, only taking a break to tuck in the Rouskateers. Now it is 2:43 am and I am at 43,000 words. I did not think I would win at NaNoWriMo, but I just might be able to get it finished between tomorrow and Monday night. (No Girl Scouts on Monday so there is an extra two hours!)
I think this will be an interesting novel to edit. Although NaNo says to turn off your inner editor and do not worry about rewriting, etc. I have found that is very hard to do. I actually have added a prologue that shows what is about to happen at the end of the novel because it is a better hook than chapter one. (Chapter one is not a bad hook, this is just better.) I do have to stop that inner editor who wants to make it more concise, cut out superfluous words, etc. I need those words for my word count!
Good night! (Or, rather, good morning!)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Getting there? 21090!

It's amazing how some days the writing flows quickly, and others are a struggle. I got behind last week (WAYYYY behind!) Friday night went well in trying to catch up (hard when you are already 6k behind and each day puts you further behind), yesterday not so great, and today is still here! I'm taking a quick break for sustenance before continuing Fortune's story...the weirdest thing is I'm putting all the backstory in because I NEED WORDS, but I know it's all going to get cut eventually...

Monday, November 9, 2009


Yes, that's the NaNoWriMo count as of tonight...Of course, I only had time to write for less than one hour at school and no time to write this weekend so I am now behind. At this rate, according to my hand-dandy NaNo spreadsheet, I'll be finished on...December 17! I know I'm now about 6,000 words behind thanks to my training to take Girl Scouts camping. (It was COLD in that tent Saturday night!)

Wednesday is a day off, and was supposed to be my day to work on the yard with the Rouskateers, but thanks to Hurricane Ida I should be able to get lots of writing done! (Unless the 3 Rouskateers band against me and create havoc in the home...)

In the NaNo novel, Fortune has now met her Great-Grandmother who died eight years ago. There's some funny backstory woven in regarding Fortune's relationship with her twin brothers, Alex and Andy, and her other brother, Sam. Hopefully I will write more tomorrow.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Getting it done...14%

Writing 50,000 words in one month sounds like a lot. It is. And this weekend I'll be unable to write from Saturday morning until mid-day Sunday (and then I'll probably be totally exhausted!) This is my weekend to prove to the Girl Scouts that I can camp...despite my 11 years of Scouting as a child, being a camp counselor and lifeguard, going on 3 Wider Ops (and 2 of them were backpacking in Wyoming), and being a Cub Scout den leader I have to prove it!

Currently, my word count is 7,193!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Yes, I'm counting on that percent ticker on the NaNoWriMo site to motivate me to keep going. Chapter one flew from my fingers into keyboard. (Probably because I'd thought about the beginning so much.) Chapter 2 took some thinking and then it went quickly. Then I started ch. 3...hmmm. It seems my Main Character's oldest brothers (the twins) decided not to go to summer school and they have now shown up in the middle of my plot! This twists Fortune's plans a bit, and may lead to some controlled mayhem (how's that oxymoron?!?) later in the novel.

Finally, however, I did manage to get a name for my librarian. Of course, she's now a HE, but that's better than being a ? every time your name is mentioned! Now the librarian is beginning to play a much stronger role than I'd planned, moving from supporting cast to lead supporting actor.

I'd better stop procrastinating and get to writing tonights 2k-3k words!

Monday, November 2, 2009

And so it begins

I figured the first day of NaNoWriMo would be a piece of least 4000 words would fly onto my paper since I had several hours of driving time to and from a soccer game. (I was not the one driving, don't worry!) However, everyone wanted to talk on the drive down so I only managed about 600 words traveling south. It was so blasted cold during the game that my hands were frozen and I couldn't write! I did manage to get about 2000 words total last night though. Tonight I'm aiming for another few thousand...we'll see how long I can stay awake and type coherently!