Monday, November 9, 2009


Yes, that's the NaNoWriMo count as of tonight...Of course, I only had time to write for less than one hour at school and no time to write this weekend so I am now behind. At this rate, according to my hand-dandy NaNo spreadsheet, I'll be finished on...December 17! I know I'm now about 6,000 words behind thanks to my training to take Girl Scouts camping. (It was COLD in that tent Saturday night!)

Wednesday is a day off, and was supposed to be my day to work on the yard with the Rouskateers, but thanks to Hurricane Ida I should be able to get lots of writing done! (Unless the 3 Rouskateers band against me and create havoc in the home...)

In the NaNo novel, Fortune has now met her Great-Grandmother who died eight years ago. There's some funny backstory woven in regarding Fortune's relationship with her twin brothers, Alex and Andy, and her other brother, Sam. Hopefully I will write more tomorrow.

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