Sunday, November 29, 2009


Well, I am at 86% after tonight's (this morning's?) marathon session. I managed about 3 thousand words on Thanksgiving Day, but that was all. It was hard because we were out of town and we were visiting with relatives. (Wonderful visit, fabulous relatives by the way.) There just wasn't a lot of time like I have at home.
So, we got home, we had some trees taken down (and one landed on the fence which was bad but since we worried about the dead tree falling on the house or our neighbor's house, it wasn't as bad as it could have been.). We went to church to celebrate the beginning of Advent, and then it was home. I have been writing since around 8:30 pm, only taking a break to tuck in the Rouskateers. Now it is 2:43 am and I am at 43,000 words. I did not think I would win at NaNoWriMo, but I just might be able to get it finished between tomorrow and Monday night. (No Girl Scouts on Monday so there is an extra two hours!)
I think this will be an interesting novel to edit. Although NaNo says to turn off your inner editor and do not worry about rewriting, etc. I have found that is very hard to do. I actually have added a prologue that shows what is about to happen at the end of the novel because it is a better hook than chapter one. (Chapter one is not a bad hook, this is just better.) I do have to stop that inner editor who wants to make it more concise, cut out superfluous words, etc. I need those words for my word count!
Good night! (Or, rather, good morning!)

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