Monday, July 20, 2009

Time and dedication

and very little sleep...that's all it takes to tackle revising the biggest plot twist in a crime/thriller novel in all 172 pages (20 chapters. And it's longer once I switch it to Arial, which the publishers seem to prefer!).

If only the solution had come to me in a dream FIVE YEARS AGO! Instead, this novel has bugged me and frustrated me for five years because I was struggling to change what desperately needed fixing!

Now it's done, except to go back and read it all again and make sure the flow and suspense have not been altered by my recent work.

Maybe I'll have time as we drive to NY to work on the trolls next...

Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Truth about...

anything is rarely as inventive as the imagination!

(Don't know why I said that, but it just popped out of my mind onto the screen.)

Getting JG off to a soccer tournament has occupied a lot of time this week, plus all of the friends who have been coming over to swim and hang out. Nevertheless, I have edited 14 of 20 chapters of my original novel, The Curse of Josiah's Orchard. I haven't read the novel in a few years, and I still like it...that's a good sign, I hope! I am going to try to finish the rewrite tonight before submitting it to several "editors" whose opinions I value a great deal.

I will probably put this on authonomy to get feedback from there as well, but I would hate for Josiah to compete with J.T.'s adventure. I've noticed a lot of people will read one book by an author, but not another. (Or maybe that's just me...)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Garden gnomes

The garden gnomes have frolicked frantically this morning, hoping there was a need to beat the rain. (Provided the rain actually comes!) We pulled up the zucchini and squash vines that are gone, discovered a new squash plant that is blooming, and then planted round 2 of...cucumbers! (Just kidding. We did pick 24 more cucumbers. Last Wednesday, I picked 25.) We planted some different squash plants (spaghetti and acorn), cantaloupe, potatoes, and watermelon. Tomorrow looks like a tomato picking and canning day, and when the peppers are ready in a week or so, we will have a slew of banana peppers and jalapenos.

I have begun the rewriting of The Curse of Josiah's Orchard, my first full-length novel. Poisoned Pen Press sent back a mostly favorable, personalized rejection five years ago. The changes they recommended were time-consuming and difficult, but the overall problem they noted had to be solved. Well, after much soul-searching and finally revisiting the entire book, I figured out how to do it! The rewrite is still difficult, but not insurmountable. I'm working on that, working on J.T.'s third adventure, and jotting down ideas for an adult novel cautiously titled Surround Sound Soap. It's about a woman who feels she's surrounded by real-life events that should be the plot of a soap opera.

On top of all that, my mother-in-law is coming to visit this week and we're preparing to go to NY in a few weeks with JG's soccer team! BUSY BUSY BUSY! (Isn't this supposed to be "summer vacation"?)