Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Writing and writing and then rewriting

I've been working on my writing for awhile now. During the fall semester, I wrote at every soccer practice (3 times per week) and while my children attend their faith formation classes. This gives me almost 4-1/2 hours each week.

I finally finished book one of my new series. It's been read, edited, rewritten, read, edited, and rewritten about twelve times now. Is that enough to send it off? Now that I'm finishing book 2 of the series, I decided to revisit book one. I found a few errors, nothing major. Then I tightened a few sentences, shortened them to be more concise, and now.....for the hard part.

Try writing a query letter that
1) Tells the bare minimum of the book's plot while making it sound incredibly interesting,
2) Promotes your ideas and why your book is unique while explaining how it connects to other book series out there,
and 3) tells who you are without bragging about inconsequential things and without showing you are not (yet) a published author!


A great friend who is published is now proofreading my query before I send it off to an agent. I have selected an agent, and I hope she's the right one to send it to. We'll see!

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