Monday, May 18, 2009

When life gets in the way...

...make brownies! (Hey, that should be a bumper sticker!)

Seriously, I'm actually glad that this is our state-mandated End of Grade ("EOG") week. It will give me the chance to get caught up on many things. How, you might ask? Well, no need for lesson plans and my children have no homework to be nagged into doing when they really just want to run around outside with their friends. Because of EOGs, there are no after-school/evening activities to ferry them to and from so I get to...

DO LAUNDRY! (Just kidding. Sort of. Well, actually, I'm not.)

I'll also get a chance to finish the rewrites for book two of my book series and hopefully add the next chapter to my poor trolls' adventure. Tonight I'm planning to grind the glass for the 34 stained glass cancer awareness suncatchers sitting on my worktable. Then, once the Rouskateers are in bed, I'll revert to my trusty laptop for some serious writing time! (Oh, and since it's EOG week...they go to bed EARLY!!!!!!) I'm almost giddy with my anticipation.

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