Thursday, April 15, 2010

One story down...too many to go!

I finished the story of Sir Jordan...this began as a short story and progressed until it was about four times longer than originally planned with 12 chapters! However, this story, written for a very special young man, is finished through two drafts and one editing session! Yeah!

My next focus will be on Troll Quest. It really is my favorite of all I've written which is the problem. I have so many ideas to include in it that I am getting bogged down in details. I've decided to get the main plot written. Then I will go back and flush out the sub-plots and minor characters in the next draft.

However, before I complete TQ, I am off to the SCBWI-Carolinas Retreat! I am VERY excited about this opportunity to have an entire weekend dedicated to all things about writing. It's also going to be great meeting someone I only know through emails and writing samples and critiques!

Remember, the only wrong words are the unwritten ones! Happy writing!

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