Sunday, July 17, 2011

Is plastic okay?

Do you have your rewards card? Would you like your rewards card? Do you need any help getting your groceries out to your car?

I am sure I can work these phrases into a book...don't know which one, but working at the front end of a grocery store part-time has to help my writing! Hmmmm.....maybe I can find some great characters from:

The elderly customer who vocally started dissing tattoos and people who have them, then questioning the woman in line behind him about her tattoos before asking me, "So where are your tattoos?"

The grandmother who was giving a basket of ingredients and the "secret" recipe for her signature cake as a bridal shower gift for her granddaughter.

The VERY pregnant woman hosting a party and buying the legal limit on cases of beer and bottles of wine.

The kindergartner who decided to play hide-and-seek as his mom struggled to get her shopping finished at the self-checkout aisle.

That was just from one short shift as I bagged groceries for the first time in my life (professionally, at least!). As time goes by, I'm going to keep my eyes and ears open for inspiration and, at the very least, interesting phrases that will make a story better.

Meanwhile, on my writing front, no news is...just that, no news. Of course, it's only been a week so I have to be patient. Troll Quest has taken some different turns, and the overall format is changing. Airam and Gurg (yes, the dwarf FINALLY has a name I like) will have sections of the book with their stories interwoven without having to use flashbacks anymore. Those were too confusing. Now, as I finish it, I am determined to prove the writing contest judge wrong...who says trolls are only good in fairy tales? Trolls, especially mud-dwelling trolls who should never be confused with their much larger, distant cousins (the mountain trolls), can emerge in any story! As can sprites, dwarfs, and black unicorns (who are viewed as mythical, magical creatures by the sprites, but who are ostracized by other unicorns for being too "different"). Who knew there was so much prejudice and animosity towards those who are different from society's norms? Oh, wait. How did my fantasy novel start turning into realistic fiction?

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