Sunday, September 27, 2009

We're healthy again

Finally, I think we've eradicated all the germs in our house, and we're all healthy...I hope that doesn't jinx us!

I wonder if other writers have as many projects in their minds as I do? It's hard, sometimes, to focus on one when I have so many thoughts going through my mind!

Anyway, for now I am concentrating on my wonderfully intelligent, but woefully paranoid Amelia in her adult suspense novel. Her backstory is emerging as the novel progresses, and the reasons for her extreme fears and the ways she deals with her fears are more clear. She's a fun person to work with right now!

The synopsis and query letter for Josiah is also coming right along, but no where near good enough to send out yet.

J.T.'s stories are going to be on hold until I receive my letter from the Delacorte contest. It's almost October so there's just a little over a month left for hearing from them. (The longer it takes to hear from them, the better! Keep your fingers crossed that I don't hear from them for another month and 3 days!)

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