Friday, May 7, 2010

Write or exercise?

Those are my choices of early morning activities. Both are worthwhile. Both are healthy (albeit one mental health and one physical health). Both are important to me (although I will confess exercise is not quite as high in the rankings).

On the one hand, I need more time to write when I'm not mentally exhausted from dealing with 1000+ students all day, helping my own children with homework, dealing with dinner, and playing referee when WWIII breaks out in my own home. Between editing J.T.'s story for a summer deadline, finishing Troll Quest, and wishing I had the time and energy to concentrate on Enalia, writing could be a full time activity. (Notice I did not say job...there's no paycheck so currently it cannot be my'd be great if that would change in the future.)

Then there is the semi-dire warning of my doctor to lose a little weight. (Hey, in comparison to many, many people, 20 lbs is me, well, not so little.) I'm forty now (and not over the hill...I plan to live way past 80) and need to take better care of myself. I definitely won't exercise in the afternoons since I get home around dinner time, fix dinner (or sit down to eat if my husband's cooked it), help with homework, get the kids in bed...unless it's Scout night or Relay for Life least soccer and track seasons are over now!

So there's my dilemma...mental health or physical health? It'd be nice to get these voices, urrr, I mean, characters, out of my head and onto paper. (or embedded in a digital code on my flash drive as the case might be.) It'd also be fabulous to fit back into this gorgeous turquoise, purple, and lime dress in my closet.

Ah, decisions, decisions, decisions.

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