Saturday, June 12, 2010

On the Road Again...

...Or, to be more precise, on the keyboard again while the Trolls progress through the woods and on to Drocnoc.

Today was a busy day for writing. Now comes a dilemma only I can solve: answering the question, when is enough, enough? When do I stop minor little alterations (the BIG alteration is already done) and print out J.T. and send it to the editors who are willing to read it? Do I trust my instincts that are saying, "Do it now!" Or do I listen to my analytical side that says, "Read it again. And then again. Don't be too hasty."

Once I solve that dilemma, I have a second problem. Should I send version 16 (current version) by itself, or do I send the first two chapters from version 14 (last version before the BIG changes I made after the Carolinas Retreat)? Would the editors want to see those? I have mixed reviews on the newest version compared to the older version. First, everyone loves the new stuff. BUT...those who read the old stuff said they missed one of the big scenes in it! That scene was removed at the advice of the critique at the retreat.

Problems, problems, problems.

Oh, wait! I only have TWO problems, not three! Whee! Of course, that's nothing compared the problems that pair of trolls is facing right about now...

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