Thursday, December 18, 2008


I guess I'm not so good at this blogging...I get so wrapped up in writing other stuff that I don't make it to this page! I am going to try to get better. (and exercise more, eat healthy, get through my to-do list.....)

Yesterday was a very difficult day. Not a bad day, just one of those days where there doesn't seem to be time to do anything you thought you'd get done!

6:30: out of shower, downstairs.
6:45: argue with 12 year-old about wearing shorts to school. he changes.
7:10: try to hurry kids up.
7:15: settle argument between oldest and youngest regarding who got too many strawberries in their fruit salad.
7:18: out door. Discover nail in tire. Put air in tire to move it so I can take the other car.
7:20: moved van.
7:22: showed nail to my dear husband. switched everything to his car.
7:30: finally backing out of driveway.
7:50: at school. deliver and hook up VCR to classroom trailer. troubleshoot to discover why it won't work. Fix it.
8:15: back in library. go to deliver TV to classroom where TV is broken.
8:19: back in library. deliver VCR.
8:22: back in library.
8:25: leave to go get presentation cart.
8:30: beginning to get cart ready for parent involvement this afternoon in cafeteria.
8:40: find out today is lockdown drill. Begin preparing for it.
8:45: start calling teachers with cameras to discover who is finished with one so there is one for parent involvement.
8:50: go to office to complete invoicing for recent purchasing.
9:00: classes begin.
9:15: move furniture for third class's activity. pop blood vessel in wrist (OUCH!)
9:20: ice wrist
9:40: between classes, go fix TV/computer connection in a room
9:43: fix another remote by reprogramming it.
9:45: next class begins.
9:48: discover lockdown is cancelled.
10:25: run to get drink. get stopped in hall by someone with computer complaint,.
10:30: realize presentation cart needs longer cord, but the next class has arrived.
11:10: class leaves. find solution to internet cord issue.
11:15: class arrives.....Matt is in this class. He is in very silly mood.
11:44: solve argument over the color of an exclamation point between two students.
11:55: sit down for lunch!
12:30: next class. everything goes smoothly!
1:15: double kindergarten classes: two meltdowns, 12 bathroom emergencies, 2 unexpected parents, one temper tantrum. Take presentation cart to cafeteria to get set up. While I'm there, the double first grade classes enter library! Projector doesn't work, redo all cords. TWICE. finally crawl into cart (It's almost 3 feet wide and 4 feet long) and discover surge protector was turned off. Finally have it working.
2:45: last set of classes! (3rd grade)
3:25: go collect VCRs and deliver to rooms needing them Thursday. Collect presentation cart.
3:40: go to parking lot to switch cars with my husband as he picks up the kids.
3:50: set up presentation cart for faculty meeting
4:15: faculty meeting
5:05: meeting adjourns. Set up presentation cart for morning meeting.
5:25: arrive at tire store to get new tires. tell them to change oil too (it's ladies night...ooooh aaaah!) Spend 20 minutes talking to former student working there. Breathe sigh of relief that he's not working on my car.
6:40: leave tire store and go to yarn store to get yarn for baby blanket for a baby shower in 2 weeks.
7:05 arrive home. eat. finish 2 Christmas presents. return phone calls. organize files for new Girl Scout troop. get kids in shower. put kids in bed. collapse on bed.
10:00: sound asleep!!!!

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