Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Resolution

Well, I just kept my 2008 resolution. I mailed the manuscript of my MG novel off to a publisher! Now I have to wait for 12 weeks to either find out they are interested in it, or to send it to another publisher. (I do have a list ready!) Twelve weeks from today is March 25. (Of course, they won't get it for another few days so I'll add one week to that...April 1!?!?! Hopefully it won't be a joke on me!)

Now I have today and tomorrow to clean house so I can start the new year off right! The bedrooms and bathrooms have been done, the family room is so-so, but the decorations are coming down which makes the living room and dining room a mess! On with the chores!

Before I go work, let me make my 2009 resolutions:

1. I will not give up on publication. I will continue to pursue it!
2. I will continue to write down my ideas.
3. We will spend more time playing and exercising together as a family.

I'd put down that I would win the lottery, but then I'd feel obligated to buy tickets in every possible combination, and I don't have trillions of dollars so that resolution will have to wait for me to gain my psychic abilities.

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