Friday, February 13, 2009

Best laid plans of writers...

Well, I had decided to work on the YA novel I drove to school on Tuesday these little trolls (literally) invaded my thoughts and began pushing me to write their story. Once I got to work (Thank goodness we were unbelievably early!), I hastily began to type as fast as I could. I actually got to page nine before the interruptions began. Tuesday night allowed more time during soccer practice now I have chapter one's REALLY REALLY rough draft finished, I'm halfway through chapter two, and the outline for the entire book (plus a two page history preceding the plot so I know my characters' history) are done! WOW!

This is a MG fantasy novel right now, although it might lean a little more to a MG/YA combination. (Think a lower level than Eragon but above Spiderwick). The main characters are two trolls, a dwarf, and a fairy. (And no, fairies don't actually have wings; those who are attuned to the forces of air actually have invented mechanical wings for gliding on the breeze.)

Did you know that trolls love the mud? Well, most do. Unfortunately for his family, Noskaj is not a normal troll. His parents feel a lot of shame everytime he cleans his feet. :-)

Stay tuned! I hope to work more this weekend...the goal? A clean house, Girl Scout cookies delivered, to cheer a soccer team to victory, and to have finished through chapter 3. Your question is probably, "Can she do all that?" In the words of the immortal train..."I think I can, I think I can, I think I can!"

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