Monday, February 2, 2009

Thoughts on the day

It's amazing when a great idea makes its way from brain to paper turns out to be a not so great idea. I began writing my latest idea for an adult dark humor book. While it's a very ROUGH draft (it doesn't even deserve the title "first draft"), I began to see a predictability in the sections to the point where it had too much in common. In fact, by the time you finished reading the sixth page, you would have known everything that would be happening in the book! (This was not a story, per se, with plot and characters. It was the day-to-day aggravations for a middle-aged woman.)

Besides seeing too much repetition in theme and emotion, I also realized this was not fun to write. In fact, it became aggravating and depressing simultaneously! I don't know about the rest of the world, but I don't read to get angry. I most definitely do not read in order to feel worse at the end of a story. (That's one reason I stopped reading Nicholas Sparks' books: every one could end happily ever after, but none actually do.)

So, although I've invested in 12 single-spaced typed pages and countless hours that could have been part of one of the other ideas/partially written books rolling around in my mind, this project is getting scrapped. I won't even claim to move it to the back burner...yes, it really is that bad!

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