Tuesday, January 27, 2009

25 Random things about me (from my facebook account)

1. I am officially Irish one day per year (my birthday!).
2. I once went shopping for a large, male mutt and brought home a purebred female runt.
3. I met (Then) Governor Bill Clinton and shook his hand.
4. I then called home and asked if all politicians were fake like used-car salemen.
5. I've finished writing 3 books.
6. If you add the fractions of books I've written together, I've written 6 books.
7. I've entered the Pillsbury Bakoff 14 times.
8. I've made the finals of the Pillsbury Bakeoff....zero times.
9. I sight-read for the piano better than I play after I've practiced.
10. I love to sing.
11. Only my children love to hear me sing.
12. Our beagle is named after a stuffed animal.
13. I bowl better on the Wii than at the alley. (MUCH BETTER)
14. Once, I bowled so badly the bowling pro gave me free lessons.
15. I did worse after the lessons.
16. I survived teaching in an inner-city school.
17. A Kindergarten class scares me more than a room full of seventh graders.
18. I have a poem being published in a North Carolina book.
19. The main thing I miss about teaching middle school are the conversations with my students.
20. Ironically, I have a middle school child who I cannot converse with sometimes.
21. I also miss my drama club.
22. Sunday was spent making 30 Santa hats.
23. I made Santa hats in January. (LONG story!)
24. One day I will have swam in every ocean (3 down already...Atlantic, Pacific, and ARCTIC!)
25. Today we were reunited with two "long-lost" relatives...through Facebook!

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