Wednesday, January 21, 2009

To write or not to write...not really the question!

Two extra days off from school and what do I have to show for it? An email to my Scout troop, a clean house (but loads of laundry yet to do), and this blog. Why didn't I write, you might ask? (I know I'm asking myself that!) Hmmmmm......

Three kids, two dogs, mountains of wet clothes/boots/coats/etc., twelve hot chocolate spills, a pot of soup, and interruption after interruption! Oh, and that's not to mention the tree that came down in the snow storm that took out part of our fence. That, at least, got fixed fairly quickly. The house was cleaned this morning with everyone pitching in, and's either blog ;-) write, or mate the huge basket of socks sitting on my bed. (How on earth did the pile get that big?????)

Anyway, I've planned out most of my next project. This one will be different. It's an adult humor novel. (Dry, sarcastic humor...definitely not Adam Sandler material) Right away, that's a difference for me. I'm a third of the way through the third MG novel in a series, have a YA in mind that will be realistic fiction (just have to make sure no one in one branch of the family tree recognize themselves!), and I've written 1-1/2 adult suspense novels.....this one should be interesting. It falls more in line with the dark humor of my short stories.

Thinking of short stories....only about 6 weeks left before I find out about the last writing contest. "Death Dreams" is one of my favorites of the short stories I've written. It would be great if others like it too. Soon I'll be sending out "Missing You", a story that has suspense, grief, and hope all rolled into just a few pages. It's based on a song I wrote years ago, isn't that weird?

Ah, enough procrastination! Write already! Why are we both wasting time on this blog? :-)

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