Sunday, April 19, 2009

And the trolls finally continue their journey

I got a little sidetracked by the real world! My usual writing time is during 4 soccer practices each week, Monday through Thursday, but track practices have interrupted that! Each day I bring 2 children home and then, while their Dad takes them to soccer, I return and wait for track to end...the driving time cuts into the writing time! Once the book fair began, my time stopped being my own completely.

However, track ends this Wednesday, and soccer only has another two weeks for two children. (Challenge soccer is year-round. It never ends!) I celebrated by working on Chapters 4 and 5 during spring break! Yeah!

My poor trolls had left on their journey and been stuck in the woods, unable to quest, until I got back to them. Now, however, they are partially through their tiring trek in hopes of completing the quest successfully. Both are discovering it is difficult to travel with someone you don't particularly like and with whom you have nothing in common.

Unfortunately, they'll have to get along without me some more. With Relay for Life in six weeks, I have many, many stained glass awareness ribbons to finish. There's also the slight matter of needing to finish the polishing of my entry into the novel contest!

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