Thursday, August 6, 2009


Editing is sometimes the most difficult part of writing. Every word is your own creation, and it's difficult to let them go, especially when it's a scene that's near and dear to your heart but might not help the story along. Anyway, because of that I'm entering Janet's contest from to see if I can win that 10,000 word edit. The biggest question for me, if I win, would be which story to send for the edit?

Should I send The Curse of Josiah's Orchard, the adult crime/suspense novel? Probably not since I learned of the contest on SCBWI. Maybe I should send J.T. Middleton, Time Traveler (Book 1, The Wild, Wild West)? This is the one my critique group is helping me with and is posted on authonomy where I've been getting some great feedback already. Then again, I have Troll Quest, a true work-in-progress that may have a great deal of potential. Decisions, decisions. And these are decisions I might not even need to make!

Nonetheless, I think all writers/aspiring authors are greatful for any chance to have their work edited in order to have it improved.

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Tara said...

Your books sound great. Good luck with the contest.