Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Will this be the day...

...I actually get some writing done? Probably not with over 4 lbs. of tomatoes to peel, puree, and can plus a vet appointment. However, I'm going to try! I'm also going to print off all 175 pages of Josiah. (The groan you hear is from my 6 year old printer. That's senior citizen age for it!) I do better at major reading off paper, not a glowing screen.

J.T. Middleton is doing well on authonomy, at 125 last night. He's also waiting on the Delacorte contest, but we DON'T want to hear anything until October...that would mean they liked it more, even if he doesn't win.

Meanwhile, the trolls are angry and not speaking with me because I promised I'd get them out of the woods, and they're still languishing there with dwarves lurking nearby. (Trolls and dwarves are enemies, you know.) I'll try to coax them to let me back on their good sides tonight.)

And for those who aren't writers: my characters may not breathe my air, but they are real, and I do talk to them! :-)

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