Wednesday, August 19, 2009

School starts, summer ends, and my mind...

...feels overwhelmed at what I did and didn't accomplish! I really felt confident the trolls would be on the second draft by now, Josiah would be reworked, and J.T. would have broken the top 100 on authonomy. So far, only Josiah's where he should be!

I did get the pictures organized by date (but not in albums), we had a great trip through Pennsylvania and New York, watched fabulous soccer, visited Montreal, and went through the Coast Guard Academy and Westpoint. I also canned A LOT of vegetables and cleaned out a few closets!

I guess I did accomplish a lot, just not the items that were on the top of the list. Hopefully the trolls will find their way through the woods, visit the sprites, and return to Notyalc safely before...dare I say Halloween? Or should I play it safe and say Christmas? Who knows. I'm too tired to think right now!

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Tara said...

Shoot for Halloween (you can use Christmas as a back up).